The Line

When I chose this

My career


I did not fear


For I would wipe it

All away

Share health and know

Of which I’d trained


But now so ‘oft

The slap backs’ shock

People don’t care

What’s right or not


I’m screamed at, threatened

And attacked

Compassion’s fatigued

Shall I turn back?


But then again

The greatest ills

Can break our minds

Who will it kill?


Shall I push on

‘Til I cannot

With my own mind

Abuse be wrought?


Tell me where

To draw the line

If all’s for you

Then naught is mine.

New Day?

Another day

Another dawn has broken

And. I. Am. Still. Alive.


I wonder, sometimes,

Why the world spares me

Surely many other sons and daughters

Were so much more deserving.

Yet, here I stand.


I’d call it a brave new world,

But you’d be disappointed.

Though there are days where rays

fall on dazzling beauty,

Its creatures fall short.


Perhaps this is why I still live

For this dazzling, cowardly world

cannot sustain rapid change

And so it basks in my normalcy.

Reasons To Live

For the patient

Who still contacts me

After cancer lost it’s power

For my brother

Who refused in lies

To cower

For my sister

Who the world thought

They could silence

For my puppy

In his precious


For my dearest

Father’s wonder

And my mother’s love

And for my honest

Belief in an

Awesome God above


Sometimes the sun rises

With grey light

Falling coldly across me

Like the world is dying


Those days gravity and I

Have an affair

Each breath a labor

Of love…and pain


My diaphragm drags on

Fighting the assassin in chief

That tells my body

It cannot bear to move


Like some vast ocean

My thoughts rush over me

Arousing adrenaline

Like lightning in my chest


While all those receptors

Thirst in arid mindscape

Looking at the kitchen

Knowing what’s in the drawer


Dark dreamscape

Whispers it’ll be no more painful

Than the environment

My thoughts trap me in