A Deep Sadness

As tears welled up

Inside me

A gentle voice whispered

“Do not cry”

For truly we all live alone

And to trust in him

Or anyone

Is a mistake with consequences.



This tension in my chest

And the numbing of my hand

What am I to do

When I’m stuck loving a sick man


For years I’ve clung to hope

Helped in any way to heal

Now with every sacrifice I make

The less I stand to feel


As I’m giving up my everything

Without an end in sight

It’s so hard to wallow in the dark

Without that speck of light


You know I’d give my heart, my life

Anything you’d need

But it’s hard to give on endlessly

When you can’t give back to me


And I tell myself it’s hard for you

You can’t bring it all to terms

But I feel somehow you are content

Protected while I burn.


When I was young

You were always there

Like some great light

Enumerating each beautiful thing


Why now, do you evade me?

Surprising me for but a few

Unexpected moments, as if

Some storm keeps you hidden


So fleeting, the feeling

And no longer so vibrant

Like a dulled blade

There is only longing.


We walk around

Among our own

Disgusted with them


More likely to

Raise a hand against

Than to help


We distrust our

Own brethren

As our population grows


We walk around

Among our own

Or do we?


We cannot tell

So easily now who

But we’ve become our own predators.


She.  Is.  Unstoppable.

Unyielding to resistance to change

Unsympathetic towards the old ways

She sees undeniable discrepancies in the past

And she will bring you to confront any uncomfortable truth

I advise you to join her

Or she will break you, like waves on sharp stone.